Saturday, 4 January 2014


I am not a master of English, but a person who is interested in this language. As a student of English, I always consult my teachers when I have difficulty in forming a particular sentence and I follow what they say.

After graduating, I did my B.Ed and then MA in English. Now I intend to do MA in TEFL and M.Ed as well.

I look forward to meeting new people who are willing to learn English and are interested in gaining more knowledge of it together with me.

While reading English books written by some Pakistani authors, I came across many ridiculous sentences not used by even native speakers, and such sentences have no place in the English language. Keeping this in mind I thought of creating a little blog to help students, especially Pakistanis, learn  the natural and acceptable sentences in the English language. 

If you find any typos, do please inform me of them for immediate rectification.

Thank you.


  1. Your English is very very good, wow.

  2. I like your website, A good effort brother. You impressed me Much.

  3. Indeed, this is an excellent effort by Naeem for creating such website which is in fact, very needed and I agree with him on the premise that we fund numerous mistakes in the books written by Pakistani authors thus misdirecting students. I feel pleasure to congratulate him for his this effort which will definitely solve the problems of English to Urdu speakers.

  4. This is not only a blog​. This is one of the best websites I been searching for. I need your help brother.

  5. This is not only a blog. This is something I been searching for. I need your help brother.

  6. Dr. Muhammad Schmidt5 October 2017 at 00:02

    The problem with textbooks and other books wrtitten by non-native speakers in English does not only exist in Pakistan. It is a problem in many other nations like China, India, Nepal or Kenya. English is an international language. Hence, there are many "Englishes". You do not need to speak like a native speaker but it is essential that you can speak and write it to the extent that you are understood.

  7. Great work . It helped to understand everyday use common sentences