Thursday, 21 September 2017

Group Words

Lesson No. 35

Group Words

Crowd: a crowd of people, shoppers, protesters, admirers

Gang: a gang of criminals, thieves, youths, teenagers, workers, kids

Bunch: a bunch of flowers, roses, keys, tulips, bananas, cherries, grapes

Herd: a herd of sheep, cattle, cows, goats, elephants, deer

Pack: a pack of cards, wolves, lies, dogs, hyenas

Team: a team of scientists, experts, researchers, designers, detectives

Set: a set of glasses, cups, keys, plates, tools, rules, standards

Swarm: a swarm of bees, flies, ants

Flock: a flock of sheep, birds, geese, pigeons

Shoal: a shoal of fish

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