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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Common Errors - Part 1

1: Incorrect: He has succeeded to achieve his goal.
Correct: He has succeeded in achieving his goal.

2: Incorrect: Rich should not hate poors.
Correct: The rich should not hate the poor.

3: Incorrect: The news are true.
Correct: The news is true.

4: Incorrect: One of my friends live in this city.
Correct: One of my friends lives in this city.

5: Incorrect: It's starting raining.
Correct: It's starting to rain.

6: Incorrect: What's your shoes size?
Correct: What's your shoe size?

7: Incorrect: A foot has five fingers.
Correct: A foot has five toes.

8: Incorrect: He goes to the school every day.

Correct: He goes to school every day.

9: Incorrect: He asked me about my whereabout.

Correct: He asked me about my whereabouts.

10: Incorrect: You are junior than me.

Correct: You are junior to me.

11: Incorrect: I am some busy.
Correct: I am somewhat busy.

12: Incorrect: He died three months before.

Correct: He died three months ago.

13: Incorrect: Open your book on page 30.

Correct: Open your book at page 30.

14: Incorrect: She can't say it upon my face.

Correct: She can't say it to my face.

15: Incorrect: He congratulated me for my success.

Correct: He congratulated me on my success.

16: Incorrect: She is married with Asif.
Correct: She is married to Asif.

17: Incorrect: You are senior than me.
Correct: You are senior to me.

18: Incorrect: My teacher is M.A. in English.
Correct: My teacher is an M.A. in English.

19: Incorrect: The driver is in wrong.
Correct: The driver is in the wrong.

20: Incorrect: She runs fastly.
Correct: She runs fast.

21: Incorrect: The child is lame from one leg.
Correct: The child is lame in one leg.

22: Incorrect: He and she hate one another.
Correct: He and she hate each other.

23: Incorrect: She must either go to the party or I.
Correct: Either she or I must go to the party.

24: Incorrect: We went to home.
Correct: We went home.

25: Incorrect: He is blind with one eye.
Correct: He is blind in one eye.

26: Incorrect: He has phoned me yesterday.
Correct: He phoned me yesterday.

27: Incorrect: Her hairs are black.
Correct: Her hair is black.

28: Incorrect: The father loves with me.
Correct: The father loves me.

29: Incorrect: He is good in English.
Correct: He is good at English.

30: Incorrect: She is a best teacher.
Correct: She is the best teacher.

31: Incorrect: He is a miser man.
Correct: He is a miser.
Correct: He is a miserly man.

32: Incorrect: Two and two makes four.
Correct: Two and two make four.

33: Incorrect: The naughty child is making noise.
Correct: The naughty child is making a noise.

34: Incorrect: He is listening me.
Correct: He is listening to me.

35: Incorrect: Are you getting late from school?
Correct: Are you getting late for school?

36: Incorrect: How much do you fee?
Correct: How much is your fee?

37: Incorrect: You are weak at maths.
Correct: You are weak in maths.

38: Incorrect: He is kind of miser.
Correct: He is a kind of miser.

39: Incorrect: I bought two kilos potatoes.
Correct: I bought two kilos of potatoes.

40: Incorrect: He cultivates seasonal crops in his land.
Correct: He cultivates seasonal crops on his land.

41: Incorrect: He slapped me on the face.
Correct: He slapped me in the face.

42: Incorrect: He repents on his sin.
Correct: He repents of his sin.

43: Incorrect: I went to school by a car.
Correct: I went to school by car.

44: Incorrect: Pakistan is proud of his youth.
Correct: Pakistan is proud of her youth.
Correct: Pakistan is proud of its youth.

45: Incorrect: One should do his duty.
Correct: One should do one's duty.

46: Incorrect: It's a nice weather.
Correct: It's nice weather.

47: Incorrect: He's getting a water bottle.
Correct: He's getting a saline drip.

48: Incorrect: He's in hospital getting a blood bottle.
Correct: He's in hospital getting a blood transfusion.

49: Incorrect: He is young from heart.
Correct: He is young at heart.

50: Incorrect: I am eating the cob.
Correct: I am eating corn on the cob.

51: Incorrect: Do you have 500 rupees changes?
Correct: Do you have 500 rupees in change?

52: Incorrect: Naeem has done what he is trying to do.
Correct: Naeem has done what he was trying to do.

53: Incorrect: Let me do it collectively.
Correct: Let us do it collectively.

54: Incorrect: Much have been said about it.
Correct: Much has been said about it.

55: Incorrect: Have you registered your SIM on your name?
Correct: Have you registered your SIM in your name?

56: Incorrect: It's beginning raining.
Correct: It's beginning to rain.

57: Incorrect: He was kind with the old man.
Correct: He was kind to the old man.

58: Incorrect: More people came than who had been invited.
Correct: More people came than had been invited.

59: Incorrect: I am a maths's student.
Correct: I am a maths student.

60: Incorrect: I can't swim on cold water.
Correct: I can't swim in cold water.

61: Incorrect: I lift 80 plus kg on my chest.
Correct: I lift over 80kg in the bench press.

62: Incorrect: Little money is better than no money.
Correct: A little money is better than no money.

63: Incorrect: Snooker against him.
Correct: Snooker him.

64: Incorrect: I like such things which are attractive.
Correct: I like such things as are attractive.

65: Incorrect: She is very so beautiful.
Correct: She is so very beautiful.